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As a Registered Psychotherapist

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I provide psychotherapy to those who are experiencing mild, moderate or severe, struggle and distress in their lives. I work from a perspective that is trauma-informed, and when relevant, trauma-focused.

The list of reasons our lives can feel disrupted and destabilized is endless. Sometimes people are able to identify a particular event or experience that’s responsible for their struggle. And sometimes they can’t pinpoint anything in particular.

The following (not listed in any particular order) are a few of my areas of interest and expertise:

  • Workplace traumas, bullying at work, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, constructive dismissal, psychologically unsafe workplaces, workplace psychological violence, unanticipated job loss/end;
  • The mother wound;
  • First responder trauma;
  • Existential despair, i.e. feeling lost or adrift in life, difficulty feeling a sense of meaning & purpose in life;
  • Challenges related to not being able realize one’s potential;
  • Ongoing issues stemming from trauma in childhood;
  • Difficult life transitions, life endings, e.g. retirement, relationship endings;
  • Support and health education for those who are withdrawing from psychiatric drugs;
  • Dissociation, depersonalization, personal dis-integration, and ‘psychosis’, as can occur in response to traumatic experience;
  • Challenges stemming from what has been identified as attentional and/or autism spectrum disorders.
  • And, many people come to me when they’ve exhausted options provided by mainstream mental health care.

I’m registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I’m a Board Member with the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. I’m an approved provider with the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program and the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP).

I believe most people share a fundamental desire to experience a greater sense of wellbeing. I’m convinced this is available to all people. The journey to wellbeing can start with an exploratory conversation that is guided by a compassionate heart and an open mind.