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As an Educator

In health care, business, and educational settings, I’ve organized, facilitated, and co-facilitated numerous workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, conferences and professional development experiences, for a variety of purposes and target audiences. I’ve designed and delivered many ‘mental health’ education & health promotion programs, and psycho-educational groups to families, informal caregivers, service users and groups, of various sizes and demographics.

As a professional educator, I’m intrigued by how people learn. My work is guided by my keen interest in how students, in all learning environments, create understanding and make meaning. It’s been my experience that meaningful learning happens when those who are working to understand, or to learn, are genuinely and actively engaged in the process of constructing their learning experiences.

Because tapping into insight and wisdom depends on being attentive and engaged, on feeling connected with the learning experience, one of my primary objectives, when working as an educator, is to avoid the effects of monotony and boredom. I create educational experiences that are lively and dialogic, rather dull and monologic. As much as is possible, I want those I’m teaching to be actively involved, as co-creators, of the learning experience.

I design and deliver educational experiences that inspire and engage, and that lead to learning successes.