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As a Knowledge Mobilizer

For many years, I’ve worked within various realms and intersections of knowledge to practice continua, in service provision and post-secondary education environments. I have extensive experience building relationships, and connecting people with other people, and people with information and research. Making connections and making research accessible are primary functions of knowledge mobilization.

Where the practical application of knowledge is concerned, my work has included the creation of efficient and effective ways of using knowledge generated in-house in conjunction with peer reviewed scientific research to inform and improve practice, to enable the development of policies and protocols, and to support the design and implementation of quality management and quality improvement initiatives. My ability to develop and apply theory and practice to methods of investigation, analysis and interpretation is sharp and sophisticated.

For many years, I’ve been designing and delivering individualized ‘mental health’ education & health promotion events to groups of various sizes and demographics.

I’m adept at identifying needs (both obvious and hidden), and using research, knowledge and information, to support the creation and shaping of ideas and innovations. I have proven expertise in the assessment, interpretation, adaptation and application of research evidence and knowledge.

Knowledge is power and, knowledge has the potential to empower. As a seasoned knowledge broker, my work is about bringing people and resources together to unpack theory and concepts, to use these to create innovations and ideas, and to convert data and information into intelligence and insight.