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About Marnie

I’m a registered psychotherapist, a person with lived experience, and an activist. My formal education includes: Honours Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, and a PhD in Health Professional Education. I started working in the broader field of ‘mental health’ care in 1986, when I had my first job as a student.

I believe most people share a fundamental desire to experience a greater sense of overall wellbeing. Many are becoming increasingly vocal about this. In various ways, people are stating their beliefs that overall wellbeing is not created or maintained through processes and systems that medicalize and pathologize how they cope with the burdens that result from the weight of carrying their traumas and adversities.

Although it doesn’t necessarily come easily or quickly, I’m completely convinced that wellbeing is a fundamental state that is available to all people. I also believe that all of us live with a vast range of experiences that can both intrude upon, and support, our efforts to create and maintain wellbeing. Many factors of influence affect the ebb and flow of these experiences, and how they show themselves in our day-to-day lives. My passionate interest in exploring why wellbeing seems to be quite elusive for so many who experience significantly compromised emotional wellbeing, and how this can be changed, supports the work I do.

Personally, and professionally, the philosophy that guides me is perhaps best captured by my tagline: Wellbeing is not prescribed. It is created. With ownership and intention.